About Us


Background :

AALIM Charitable Trust” was launched on 07 May 2004 in memory of Abdai ALI & Memoona Sabunwala with Dr Fatima Siraj as the settlor and the following as founder Trustees :

Chairman: Mr Fakhruddin Rangwala, Businessman & Industrialist

Managing Trustee: Lt Col ( Retd) Sirajuddin, Retired Army Officer and Chartered Engineer

Trustee: Mr Abid Hussain RV, Retired Sr Manager, ONGC

The trust deed was registered with the Sub-Registrar, Udaipur I on 07 May 2004 and with the Assistant Commissioner, Devasthan, Udaipur as a Public Charitable Trust on 05 Mar 2005. The trust is exempted under Sec 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Abdai Ali & Memoona Sabunwala were very strong advocates of education as the best inheritance that parents can give to their wards. Belonging to the economically middle class strata of society, this couple had to struggle to make both ends meet and at the same time maintain dignity in the society. Against all odds and prevalent social norms, they managed to educate their three wards, two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter, Hussaina, did her matriculation in 1955 at a time when most girls either did not go to school or were school drop outs after primary education. The second daughter, Salma, did her graduation in 1964. When it came to decide about their only son, their sights were fixed for a professional degree in spite of the fact that funds were not readily available. To begin with jewelry was sold and later loans were taken. A stage came when there was no option but to abandon the engineering studies of their son for want of funds. Help came from a friend and brother and the engineering studies were completed. Years later when the son was gainfully employed as an officer in the Indian Army and made an attempt to pay back the loan; this friend and brother advised him to help someone else in need. This is the genesis of the formation of this trust.

The field is vast and open, we have miles to go and we are a determined lot. Our strength lies in our professional approach to our mission and total integrity while our weakness is human suffering. There are no administrative expenses involved in the running of the trust .

The present Board of Trustees is as follows:

  1. Mr Fakhruddin Rangwala
  2. Mr Ravi Burman
  3. Lt Col (Retd) Sirajuddin
  4. Mr Adnan Shibli
  5. Mrs Naheed Quaisar


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