Aalim Charitable Trust

The Initiative 
Aalim Knowledge Center, based in Udaipur, India is a new initiative of Aalim Charitable Trust (ACT), a registered non-profit organization. 

This centre is a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge. It houses a public library that serves the needs all age groups and all sections of society. It is also a space where children from economically weaker sections of society can come and study.  It has four computers with internet access to help students with their research. 

Udaipur a very popular tourist destination, is a picturesque city in the culturally rich and historic state of Rajasthan in north west India. While the city has grown by leaps and bounds, the love of book, reading and learning from books is an alien concept to even the well to do strata of the society. There are very few libraries, with limited access to books and the world of knowledge. 

Books open the doors to imagination and learning. Our Knowledge Center hopes to imbibe the future generation of Udaipur with just these skills. 
Youth from neighboring towns and villages come to Udaipur for higher studies and live in very cramped homes with more than 5-6 sharing one small room. They look for a place to learn and pursue their dreams.

The knowledge center can now be their knowledge haven, a place where they can come to learn and prepare for the competitive exams. 
In addition, the centers plans to hold educational seminars, career guidance and counseling sessions for the youth.

The Organisation
ACT is a non profit organization that is committed to improving access to better education for children and youth and an active lifestyle for senior citizens. The trust began in 2004 with an initial focus on interest free scholarships to needy students for higher education. 


To support the initiative of any individual, group or organization in promoting education both formal and informal and for children and adults.


To provide training and opportunities to senior citizens so they can continue living an active and productive life.


Library and reading room with access to a big collection of reference books, magazines, newspapers and computers.


Conduct seminars, workshops and lectures on select subjects to the youth. Offer vocational training to seniors.

The primary objective of the trust revolved around harnessing the energy of the rising sun (our youth). To begin with our focus was to alleviate the suffering of our middle class families when it came to finances for higher education for their wards. Grant of scholarships was not on our mind. We were looking at interest free loan scholarships for professional degrees where the fees and other expenses were out of reach of our middle class families. This format of interest free loan scholarship ensured that the beneficiary, having met his/her objective in studies, would return the loan in installments within a period of two to three years after he /she was gainfully employed. This format has worked well in that the trust is able to finance new applicants out of funds received as refund of loan scholarships and not having to depend on fresh donations. 

​Till date the trust has supported 40 students who might otherwise have had to let go of their dreams of a better education.

“An investment in knowledge always pays best interest ” – Benjamin Franklin


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