Main Objectives

The primary objective of the trust revolved around harnessing the energy of the rising sun (our youth). To begin with our focus was to alleviate the suffering of our middle class families when it came to finances for higher education for their wards. Grant of scholarships was not on our mind. We were looking at interest free loan scholarships for professional degrees where the fees and other expenses were out of reach of our middle class families. This format of interest free loan scholarship ensured that the beneficiary, having met his/her objective in studies, would return the loan in installments within a period of two to three years after he /she was gainfully employed. This format has worked well in that the trust is able to finance new applicants out of funds received as refund of loan scholarships and not having to depend on fresh donations. Till date the trust has supported 40 students who might otherwise have had to let go of their dreams of a better education.

The second objective on the radar of the trust has been to salute our senior citizens. The current socio-economic scenario in the country is such that, in spite of the best of intentions on the part of the young generation, the care for the elders remains neglected to a certain extent. The elders in the community suffer from a feeling of loneliness and isolation. So far the trust has not been able to achieve any progress on this front. However, the establishment of a knowledge Centre by the trust would address this issue to some extent.


  • To support the initiative of any individual, group or organization in  promoting education both formal and informal and for children and adults.
  • To award scholarships and fellowships, including interest free loans, or loans on soft  terms, to deserving  candidates on such terms and conditions as the trustees may think fit and on the merits of each individual case, for pursuing higher education or technical  education or specialization in any field or research work in any field, within the country or abroad.
  • To grant scholarships, free ships or underwrite the fees for deserving school and college students, including support for special coaching and tuitions.
  • To edit, print or cause to edit, print, publish books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals, periodicals, pamphlets, brochures for the advancement and dissemination of useful, educative and informative material.

Senior Citizens 

  • To establish, take over, run and maintain a center or centers for senior citizens or retirement homes or old peoples’ homes with facilities for boarding, lodging, health care, nutrition, recreation, etc., as may be necessary and feasible.
  • ​To provide training and opportunities to senior citizens to continue living an active and productive life and engage themselves in study or voluntary service or giving expression to their creativity and skills.

Knowledge Center

  • Conduct seminars, workshops and lectures on select subjects and invite leading personas in the respective fields to participate and share their experience.
  • Vocational training sessions for senior citizens such as computers and data entry jobs.​
  • Free use of PC Lab with internet facilities for needy research scholars, students, senior citizens (starting with 5 pc’s and a printer).​​
  • Library and reading room with access to a big collection of reference books, magazines and newspapers.
  • ​Career guidance and personality development sessions for youth.
  • Collaborate with other like-minded organizations / institutions and allow them free use of the facility within the objectives of the Trust.
  • Progressively add other activities based on requirement / assessment.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi